Rebecca Hussein


This page is a collection of my work for A Younger Theatre, Whatsonstage, Reeling the Real and my own personal reviews.

“Well” – A performance journey created by Geraldine Pilgrim with residents of Barking and Dagenham

Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man 18/09/2013

AYT Review: Barking in Essex 17/09/2013

WOS Review: All Saints 09/08/2013

AYT Review: Ajax 09/08/2013

AYT Review: Waiting for Godot 17/07/2013

AYT Review: As You Like It 06/06/2013

AYT Review: City Shorts 02/06/2013

AYT Review: Hamlet 24/04/2013

WOS Review: The 8th Wave 08/04/2013

AYT Review: They’re Playing Our Song 13/03/2013

WOS Review: Knock Yourself Out 08/03/2013

AYT Review: The Great Gatsby 27/02/13

Review: Our Soldier 07/02/2013

WOS Review: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs 08/02/2013

AYT Review: The Wind in the Willows 31/12/12

AYT Review: Cinderella 10/12/2012

WOS Review: Unbroken Line 10/12/2012

WOS Review: I Stand Corrected 23/11/2012

AYT Review: Solaris 18/11/2012

AYT Review: Miss Ophelia 05/11/2012

WOS Review: Happy Birthday Wanda June 02/11/2012

AYT Review: Knowledge of Angels 08/10/2012

AYT Review: Zelda 04/10/2012

WOS Review: The Busy Body 03/10/2012

WOS Review: Airport/Doormen 01/10/2012

AYT Review: Woyzeck 18/08/2012

WOS Review: Mr Kolpert 17/07/2012

AYT Review: Summer and Smoke 17/06/2012

WOS Review: Leper Colony 01/06/2012

AYT Review: Events Whilst Guarding the Bofors Gun 27/05/2012

WOS Review: Flora the Red Menace 21/05/2012

AYT Review: Saint Joan 15/05/2012

AYT Review: The Hound of the Baskervilles 08/05/2012

AYT Review: The Girl with the Iron Claws 26/04/2012

Reeling the Real Review: Saving Face 21/04/2012

Review: She Stoops to Conquer 20/04/2012

Reeling the Real Review: “There’s Whackos Out There”- My First Experience of Michael Moore 04/03/2012

Review: The Comedy of Errors 03/03/2012

Review: In Basildon 17/02/2012

Review: Saved 08/11/2011


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