Rebecca Hussein

Personal Blog

Please Enjoy the Complaint Letter I Have Just Posted to NatWest 

We Need to Talk About Buffy

Some Thoughts on Under the Skin

Rebecca Hussein Discusses Boobs and HBO

Shit that I hear on E! News

Rebecca Hussein Asks: What’s So Funny About Facial Hair?

Rebecca Hussein’s Ode to Photocopier

Rebecca Hussein Attempts Shock Confession Journalism

Rebecca Hussein Talks About Being Shy (Awwww…)

Rebecca Hussein’s Ways to Cope After Watching the Most Recent Episode of Breaking Bad

Rebecca Hussein’s Spider Survival Guide

Rebecca Hussein Really “Likes” Facebook’s Like Pages (Haha, Geddit?!?)

Rebecca Hussein Keeps up with the Kardashians

Rebecca Hussein Writes A Letter to O2 (in her own blood, and then types it up on the computer)

Rebecca Hussein Attempts to Break Free of her Daily Mail Addiction (and fails)

Rebecca Hussein Reinterprets the Sex and the City Opening Credits

Rebecca Hussein is a Commuter

Rebecca Hussein is a Waitress

Rebecca Hussein Gets a Job (but not now, but soon)


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