Rebecca Hussein

Shit that I hear on E! News

E! News has an exclamation mark at the end because it is important to shout the “E!” when saying things like, “I love E! News,” or… “I love E! News.” … Continue reading

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Rebecca Hussein Asks: What Is So Funny About Facial Hair?

What is so funny about facial hair? First I saw them on jumpers. You know the ones I mean, the curly French moustaches printed onto the cheap material that Top … Continue reading

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Rebecca Hussein’s Ode to Photocopier

Oh photocopier, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love that you’re dead and, more than that, I love that it was I who dealt the … Continue reading

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Rebecca Hussein Attempts Shock Confession Journalism

So who wants to hire me as a plucky, eager to learn, new journalist then, eh? Anyone? Anyone at all? Oh, that’s right, NO ONE. That’s why I’m sitting in … Continue reading

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Rebecca Hussein Talks About Shyness (Awwww)

Being shy is like being in prison. Not a literal one of course. Instead, imagine for a moment a prison in which the prisoner and the gaoler are the same … Continue reading

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Barking in Essex

Essex is immersed in the mythology of the East End gangster. Coming from Dagenham, a town much like Barking’s smaller, scrappy brother, sharing a borough in the way that they … Continue reading

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Things That Happened at Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man…

One of the most frustrating things in life is waking from a fantastical dream and sitting powerless as the memory seeps out of your mind and faraway in a matter … Continue reading

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