Rebecca Hussein

Complaint Letter to Carphone Warehouse

22nd September 2015

Dear Carphone Warehouse,

On the 21st August 2015 I ordered a Samsung Galaxy s3 Neo from your website (order number: 340676544). A sum of £179.99 was transferred from my account to you. I then received an email informing me that the item was on back order and, “would take up to two weeks,” to despatch.

When the two weeks was up and having received no information regarding my order, I decided to ring your customer service team. I was shocked and dismayed to be informed by the customer service advisor that she “didn’t know” when my order would arrive and could not give me an estimate.

I was absolutely outraged that a company such as yours would eagerly take my money without being able to tell me when I would receive my item. I made my feelings clear on Twitter with the following:

“@CPWTweets- ordered a samsung galaxy s3 neo online, paid £180 only to be told it was on back order and would take up to 2 weeks to arrive… over 2 weeks past, rang today to ask when phone would arrive and NOBODY COULD TELL ME!!So you’ve taken my money… but cannot tell me when product will arrive!! Needless to say have cancelled order after horrific ordeal with your customer… services team, so shocked that you would take my money like that and then just leave me hanging even when have chased you up!! will certainly not be using your services again!!!”

I received the following response: “Sorry to hear this Rebecca. If the item is out of stock / back order you should have received an email advising. Did this not happen?”

I responded: “recieved email saying “take up to 2 weeks to despatch” as on back order, over two weeks have past and when I rang to ask…when my item would arrive representative said she couldnt tell me… if you can’t tell me when my utem will arrive why allow money to change hands in first place?”

I received the following response: “Hi, If an item is on back order it can vary as to when we have stock available.”

I responded: “then why put “up to 2 weeks” thats totally misleading. If I had known “it will vary” I would have cancelled order straight away.”

I received the following response: “Hi, when we advise up to 2 weeks we do expect it to take up to 2 weeks, however this can occasionally take longer.”

I responded: “so you should have put “up to 2 weeks and occasionally longer” so that your customers know where they stand… I was told I’d recieve my refund in 24 hours or does that “occasionally” take longer??” Following a check on my finances, I then added, “have just checked account and have not received refund. Excellent. Will have to go through the hassle of ringing you again.”

As I have mentioned in the above tweets, I felt the need to cancel my order. I was also frustrated by the unhelpfulness of the tweets I received, particularly the unapologetic tone of the last two. I would like to emphasise again that stating that back orders will take “up to two weeks to despatch” when, by your own admission, it “occasionally” takes longer, is incredibly misleading.

I cancelled the order and was initially told the refund would take 24 hours. This was incorrect. When I rang again, I was told it would take two weeks for the refund to arrive. I did not receive a cancellation confirmation. Two weeks past and I was forced to ring again today to inform customer services that my refund had not arrived. I was informed that no records were left on my account regarding the refund and had to go through the process of arranging it again, yet again being told that I would receive it in two weeks.

£179.99 may seem like a trivial amount of money to you but the prospect of being without it for what will now be six weeks is a very difficult and stressful one for me. I am absolutely disgusted by the misleading nature of your back order emails, your incredibly unhelpful social media team, your refund policy and the complete incompetence of your customer services team to process said refund. If I do not receive my refund within the next two weeks I will be contacting trading standards to pursue this further.

Yours sincerely, Rebecca Hussein


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